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Oostdam logo Windows 10After sometime endlessly upgrade processes, with preview builds and versions, Microsoft finally announced yesterday the definite release date of Windows 10. Personally I think this is one of Microsoft's best operating systems ever made and it's still getting better and better as the releases are quit stable now, besides some AMD processor related items, but they almost have 2 months left to fix these last issue's. This new OS is going to give Microsoft it's boost for the next decade as it will become the single platform form device all over the world, from phone, laptop. personal computer, towards large screens, game consoles and other devices. Mark my word for it!

In earlier articles I already provided you with versions and upgrade possibilities, and as of May 31st, (yesterday) Microsoft is releasing a Windows 10 icon within the taskbar of every system worldwide, that is genuine validated through the Windows update services and matches a version suitable for upgrading toward the new matching Windows 10 version. This article shows you how to (pre)reserve your upgrade to Windows 10. I suggest you follow this way, as it helps us developers and the supplying windows services to deploy the new Windows 10 upgrade package to your system in a decent and controlled way. Stay further tuned to the articles on this website for error messages or upgrade problems concerning these upgrades, as we operate in close contact and cooperation with the distributing people with Microsoft.

Lets start the reserve process for Windows 10 now.
Windows 10 - Oostdam.Info - askbar notificationAs shown in the picture here in the left, a Windows 10 icon will be displayed in your taskbar if you are running a genuine and upgradable version of the Windows operating system right now. If you right-click on it will let you choose from 4 (optional) ways to get the Windows 10 upgrade package. These are: Get Windows 10, Reserve your free upgrade, go to Windows Update and Get to know Windows 10.  Clicking the left mouse-button brings you directly to the second option, which we will describe here in this article. It will open a new pop-up screen like shown below here:

Windows 10 Notifications

 You can browse through the 6 commercial marketing slides, but basically all you need to do is click on the button
showing "Reserve your free upgrade". After this, you will be presented with the following pop-up screen:

Windows 10 notifications - oostdam.Info - reseve your vrsion

Type in your mail account, of-course, I guess this will be your Microsoft "Live" account most often.
You choose to receive the "upgrade" news, tips & marketing mails from Microsoft :-)
and click on the Send confirmation button.

That's all for now! Microsoft will queue you computer for upgrading and notify you by mail when your upgrade is ready to install. The term "confirmation" is a little wired here, indeed. You cannot repeat this process a second time. Some, 3 in fact, markers are being placed on your system, telling Microsoft that you complete the reserve process and want to upgrade. The "Reserve your free upgrade" button will not show the second time you click the icon on the taskbar. A little irritating here is that the icon remains in the taskbar. I questioned Microsoft for this, but they told me that you can hide the icon (true) and that the main reason was for the public (that's you) to easily get access to the learning video's and information pages.
Hmmm, using Windows 10 feels rather natural to me, but okay, they might have a point there. 

Please note that there a companies that can provide the upgrade for you. They look for more things that are upgrade related, such as free available disk space, existing file- & full backups, group policies that might be in place, connected parent program settings and disk encryption for instance, which can be a real pain in the as# if it's in place during the upgrade towards Windows 10.
Most users will be able to upgrade by themselves, but are you willing to take the risk?

Well, stay tuned to this website for more upgrade news and how-to's. I will be glad to help you in the upgrade if your living nearby.
And after upgrading ? Have fun!  Using Microsoft 10 !

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