Windows 10- Please install the KB3036140 update package asap

Oostdam logo Windows 10Upgrading towards a newer release on a Windows 10 Technical Preview can be difficult sometimes. Still, as I think this is one of Microsoft's best operating systems ever made and it's still getting better and better as the releases are going better and better, following each other up in a continuous delivery way that I have never seen before from a large company like Microsoft is. This new OS is going to give Microsoft it's boost for the next decade as it will become the single platform form device all over the world, from phone, laptop. personal computer, towards large screens, game consoles and other devices. Mark my word for it!

It has been a week, but I must make an article about the last security update in Windows 10. This concerns the update KB3036140 which superseded the update KB3035129 of a week ago. I personally did not experience any errors with the previous upgrade towards the new Beta Windows Store, but a lot of other people did have problems with it. You cab recognize the new Beta Store quickly on the grey color in the taskbar by the way. Windows 10 Oostdam - KB3036140The new Beta Store also contains the new office apps which are adjusted for use with Windows 10 tablet mode and especially Continuum ready devices. After installing this update, the Windows 10 preview update remains build 6629. While you're installing this patch, please install the bug fix for Flash Player as well. 

This patch should be installed as soon as possible. The main reason given for this update was that Windows Insiders users, who have installed KB3035129 could see reports in the settings app under Update & Recovery that a new preview build is available. Attempts to download the new build result in Error 0x80246017.

KB3035129 included a code change which unintentionally had the side effect of changing targeting for builds, allowing builds that are exclusive to Microsoft employees to appear available. No new builds are available which are newer than 9926 at this point. We will issue another update shortly to correct the issue and ensure that Windows Insiders are able to successfully get the next build which is made available to you. We apologize for the confusion and thank you for your continued participation and feedback. Oops,...  Microsoft,..  for the rest of our lives we now now what this error means...  

If error 0x80246017,.. Microsoft employees only!!

For the record, the complete list of fixes in this patches and improvements can be found in this list,
as well as in the Microsoft Kb article.
- XBOX Live-enabled games that require sign-in do not launch, and incorrectly display the message,
  "To use this app, you need to sign in with the Microsoft account that was used to download it."
- The Start Menu fails to launch shortly after install
- The shortcut for the new Store (Beta) does not appear on the taskbar
- The user remains at the "Please Wait" screen when attempting to sign in with a Smart Card connected
- Virtual machines (VMs) lose connectivity to virtual hard drives (VHDs)
- Users receive Error 0x8E5E05E2 when installing apps
- The system stops responding when installing apps from the Store
- There is a delay when opening a new tab in Internet Explorer
- The system fails to resume from sleep when connected to multiple monitors with some graphics drivers
- The user is presented with the incorrect End-User License Agreement (EULA) during upgrade
- The settings app incorrectly reports that new builds are available,
   which return error 0x80246017 when attempting to download
- The screen doesn't properly refresh after rotating between portrait and landscape
- Creating a virtual machine or bringing a HyperV host under management results in error 0x80200065 -
  "The transfer was paused because the computer is in power-saving mode. 
  The transfer will resume when the computer wakes up."
- Windows Remote Desktop Client crashes when playing video or displaying fast moving images in a remote session
- Reliability improvements for virtual machine live migrations
- Reliability improvements to prevent some system crashes
- Reliability improvements to prevent possible data corruption
- Increased power efficiency to extend battery life

The last 3 are almost by default there......
but I'm still very pleased with the new restart options after waiting for it more than 30 years.

So,...  the patch of last week was a little buggy, but Microsoft is learning in a fast way and resolved the issues within a week. Compliments for that! I tested the correct working of the new office apps, and it worked very well I must say. Microsoft is really creating a superioir operating system with Windows 10, I might buy some more stocks later this week.

Have fun! Using Microsoft Windows 10 !

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