Windows 10 - Upgrading the Preview build from 9879 gives error 0x80240016

Oostdam logo Windows 10Upgrading towards a newer release on a Windows 10 Technical Preview can be difficult sometimes. Still, as I think this is one of Microsoft's best operating systems ever made and it's still getting better and better as the releases are going better and better, following each other up in a continuous delivery way that I have never seen before from a large company like Microsoft is. This new OS is going to give Microsoft it's boost for the next decade as it will become the single platform form device all over the world, from phone, laptop. personal computer, towards large screens, game consoles and other devices. Mark my word for it!

It has been a little while, a little more than a month even, that Microsoft came out with the last preview update of Windows 10. The holiday season with Christmas time and New Year is the reason for that. And I love it! A major IT company, keeping the family-life of their employees in mind, when creating a deployment schedule for their biggest OS release ever made. Very nice! After watching all these CEO's last week, I had to upgrade towards the latest build version my self as well of course. I could not video-tape my laptop, or Surface 3 upgrade, but I did on my virtual Windows 10 machine. If you like, you can watch the upgrade video through this link. That's exactly the reason for creating this article as well. The upgrade process came with some errors here and there, and to help you all out there with these errors, i decided to make this little article about it.

One of the errors I came across was this one. For all those Inside Program Users out there who are also experiencing these errors while upgrading, this weekend,... this article is for you. For "Google crawling" reasons I just want to write the error here as it will create better findings, especially this week.
The complete error message is: "Failed to install the new preview build, please try again later. 0x80240016". (It's an educated guess that a lot of the 200 million Insider Program users will be upgrading the version this week.)

Windows 10 installation error build 9926 - code 0x80240016


Okay,... now that's a little strange and new to me as I even installed all the needed Windows updates of last week, prior to this upgrading process and installed this build 9926 on several virtual and physical machines now. But okay,.. it's a preview beta, so lets find out how to solve this! After a little investigation, I found that there wasn't a "Download" button for the new build 9926, but that it immediately jumped to the above error and the button text was "Install Now". That problem is rather quickly solved. Knowing the default working of the Microsoft Windows operating systems, you might have even figured it out yourselves!

Follow me in the solution! Windows updates and Windows technical preview updates are distributed through the normal update process. This means, through WSUS and/or the default location C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution directory. Within this directory, you will find a subdirectory with the name "Download". This is the default location for all temporary download/upgrade files.  If you are experiencing this error, stop the Windows Update service (wuauserv), browse to this download location, and Shift-Delete all files that are present there. Make sure you are fully updated before of course. Reboot your system and download the Windows Technical Preview build 9926 again. After downloading the download button will change to the text "Install now". Just click on it and it will be installing smooth as you are used from Microsoft.

Have fun!  Using Microsoft 10 !

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