Deze pagina is ontstaan doordat bepaalde mensen, (veelvuldig) aan mij vragen om een link naar hun site op te nemen.
Op zich is dat natuurlijk geen probleem, mits er een redelijk goede wisselwerking is,... Ik weet ook hoe Google en andere zoekmachines werken.
Daar voor is deze pagina dus.,....


This page has been created due to the hugh amount off people who asked me to put a link off their site on to mine,...

No problem, as long as it is a a good partnership, I know how Google works too, and often, I notice, this is not the case......

Mijn werkgever en ex werkgevers, zijn uiteraard donatie vrij,........:
My employer and ex employers are off course donation free,.....:

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Geweldige site die breed gedragen wordt door ons team:  ( the best site, so,... free for now )

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System Center related sites:  (free off charge, as it is the best site so far on System Center products I have found)

In gereral:
You can email me on Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. ( delete the XXXX's ) for your online reference link, or
When a donation has been received, your url will be presented on the page.

You can also contact me on this address for the commercial advertisements that are below each page right now.
We could negotiate about the advertisement per clicks,  per page, on this site, as it is my hobby, but site-traffic, as well as time, is costing my money as well.

As on the end off August 2010, the hit ratio off this site is 120.000 hits per year, on all pages,
with a click-through ratio off 2,4% per page, in general. Detailed page views, (sponsered) news items, or editor(s) reviews; can be created after negotions. 



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