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LinkedIn, the worldwide business & social network community, who doesn't know it?

LinkedIn logo article 356
If you have never heard of it,
you must be far over the age of 50,
not having any kind of social events,
and work in some dark dusty corner of a factory.

The owner of this site, Ben Oostdam,
has a public LinkedIn profile as well,
on which you see his certification achievements,
current employer and several other things that keep him occupied.

The direct URL to his public LinkedIn page is:

Link/URL's to his transcript etc. etc. are available in the public text.
Inmails will be read, and answered as much as possible. Connection requests are not added automatically. I need to know you, or at least talked to you before, on business related things before I add you you to my business network. Keep that in mind if you will.

And,.... Thanks for watching my public profile on LinkedIn. 

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